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Dog Bites

Causes and types of dog aggression

People come into contact with dogs on a daily basis. Most of those encounters happen without anything negative occurring. However, there are times when dogs become aggressive.  Understanding why dog aggression occurs may help people who come into contact with dogs...

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Are small dogs actually more aggressive?

People are often more afraid of large dog breeds than they are of small breeds. They naturally think of them as being more dangerous and more aggressive. Some dog owners will even say that they wouldn’t consider buying a large breed, but they will consistently buy...

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The hidden dangers of dog bite infections

Dog bites can lead to a variety of complications, both physical and emotional. While immediate concerns may include pain and trauma, one of the often overlooked risks associated with dog bites is the potential for infection. Dog bites, which are puncture wounds, are...

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Dog bites often stem from fear

Certain dog breeds such as German shepherds, rottweilers and pit bulls are frequently portrayed as inherently aggressive. While these dogs, and any other breed, can be trained to be dominant and aggressive (and a few do have aggressive personalities, just like...

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5 ways to protect yourself from dog bites

Dog attacks happen every day. Many dog attacks can seriously harm people -- aside from wounds, infections are very common, and they can be downright deadly. You could be on a walk or talking with friends when a dog suddenly attacks you. To ensure that you’re safe, you...

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Are some dogs more aggressive than others?

Pets form part of the family for millions of households across America, and there is no animal more popular than dogs. Dogs can make loyal companions, and they are often best friends to young children. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that dogs aren’t human,...

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