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5 ways to protect yourself from dog bites

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | Dog Bites

Dog attacks happen every day. Many dog attacks can seriously harm people — aside from wounds, infections are very common, and they can be downright deadly.

You could be on a walk or talking with friends when a dog suddenly attacks you. To ensure that you’re safe, you may need to consider the following: 

1. Ask the owner before approaching

People frequently walk their dogs out in public, but that doesn’t mean their dog is friendly to others. Many dog accidents happen because people don’t ask owners if their dog is safe to pet. So, the next time you want to pet a dog, you should ask first. 

2. Don’t approach strays

Unfortunately, you may run into an ownerless dog. The dog may be a local stray or it could be someone’s dog that recently got loose. While you may be inclined to approach the dog, especially if they have a collar, you should refrain from doing so. Strays and loose dogs can act unpredictably and suddenly attack.

3. Keep calm when you encounter strays

If you do face a stray dog, you should try acting accordingly. Don’t look at the dog’s eyes or they may feel threatened. You may be able to prevent a dog attack by walking slowly away while keeping the dog in your vision. If you suddenly run, the dog may think you’re playing and run after you.

4. Yell out commands that may work

You may encounter a dog that got loose from someone’s yard. If you believe this is the case, the dog might be trained. Trained dogs often respond to commands. If you yell out to a dog to “sit” or “go away,” they may respond and you’ll be safe.

5. Use pepper spray to defend yourself

One way you can be sure that a dog doesn’t attack you is by carrying pepper spray. There are many kinds of dog-friendly pepper sprays that can deter dogs. If you believe a dog is too close or if they run toward you, then you can quickly pull out the pepper spray and chase them away.

You may not have the chance to prevent a dog attack. If you are injured and suffering from medical bills, then it might be best to understand your options for compensation