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Going on vacation this summer? Follow these safety tips

On Behalf of | May 8, 2024 | Car Accidents

Tennessee is a great state to live in and there are tons of attractions for visitors. In fact, in 2022 alone, more than 141 million tourists came here to visit.

Whether you’re a native of this state just planning a day trip to one of the local attractions or you’re coming from some far-off location, traveling during tourist season can be fraught with unexpected hazards. With that in mind, here are some important safety tips:

1. Try to familiarize yourself with the local roads

These days, people rely heavily on their GPS devices to navigate unfamiliar terrain – but it never hurts to try to familiarize yourself a little with an area before you get there. Look at the map ahead of time and contemplate driving around any roads that are currently under construction or seem prohibitively complicated to traverse. That can help you avoid distractions or getting flustered in traffic.

2. Amp up on the defensive driving behaviors

Your best defense against car accidents is making sure that you follow all the safety rules. Put away anything that could distract you while you’re driving, be conscious of your surroundings, obey the speed limit, leave a safe following distance between your vehicle and other vehicles, and insist that everybody keep their seatbelts on.

3. Watch for staged accidents

If you have out-of-state plates, beware of scams that involve staged car accidents. Scammers will deliberately wave you ahead of them and accelerate to hit your car, or use a second car to hem you into a tight spot and then stop, forcing you to hit them (among other tactics). They hope that you’ll be so stunned and upset that you’ll agree to settle quickly (or for cash on the spot).

Tourists who end up in car accidents while they’re on vacation are often confused about their legal options. You don’t have to stay in the state to pursue fair compensation for your losses. Legal guidance can help you understand your rights and options.