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Taking On The Challenges Of Truck Accidents

A commercial vehicle accident is often far more complicated than a car accident. There are often multiple parties and more severe injuries because of the larger size of commercial trucks. I understand what’s at stake in these accident cases. Defend your future with the help of a skilled Tennessee personal injury lawyer.

I proudly represent the people of Goodlettsville, Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee through the most challenging personal injury claims. I know the difficulties that await you after an accident with a commercial vehicle, and I am here to help you through it.

Why You Need An Attorney

Unlike accidents between two passenger vehicles, a commercial driver often has an employer’s insurance and legal teams on their side. Both teams will act against your best interests to minimize or eliminate any liability for your injuries. They will often push for a quick settlement, even going so far as to visit you while you are still hospitalized to resolve the process as quickly as possible.

I take the time to develop a personalized representation strategy by collecting vital information such as footage of the accident, witness testimony, medical reports and consultations with expert witnesses to build the most robust case I can for each client. I explore all possible options of negotiation and litigation to pursue the fair and full outcomes my clients deserve. Because I am adept in the courtroom, I never shy from refusing a settlement if it’s in my client’s best interests to do so.

Experienced Representation At Your Side

As a former defense attorney for insurance companies, I know how to build a case against defense strategies. Instead of juggling your health and the challenges of your claim, focus on your recovery and allow me to represent you through your case. Call me at 615-861-1103 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today.