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Are some dogs more aggressive than others?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2023 | Dog Bites

Pets form part of the family for millions of households across America, and there is no animal more popular than dogs. Dogs can make loyal companions, and they are often best friends to young children.

Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that dogs aren’t human, and certain stimuli can provoke dog attacks. For the most part, dogs bite due to fear or feeling as if they have no other option. They can also attack if they are in significant pain. In other words, attacks are not always out of malice.

It is the job of owners to keep dogs under control, whatever breed they have. But are some dog breeds more aggressive than others?

Common perceptions

Over the years, certain breeds of dogs have been stereotyped as aggressive. For instance, throughout the 1980s, German Shepherds were known as dangerous dogs. In the 90s, it became more popular to label Rottweilers with this reputation. Nowadays, pitbull terriers are perceived as the most aggressive breed. While these dogs can do serious damage in the rare instances that they attack, the truth is that they are as friendly as other breeds for the most part.

Surprising findings

One study carried out by the University of Pennsylvania had some surprising findings. The researchers were looking into genetic factors and aggression as well as distinctions between breeds. Their findings suggest that Dachshunds were actually more likely to be aggressive toward humans and other dogs than any other breed.

It centers around the owner

All dogs have powerful jaws and sharp teeth, meaning that they can all cause injuries if they bite. The onus falls on the owner to keep their canine under control, whatever the breed. If you have been bitten, then seeking legal guidance will give you an idea if you are entitled to financial compensation.