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What causes road rage?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2024 | Car Accidents

Aggressive driving is a serious road safety issue. Studies indicate that road rage incidents result in thousands of injuries every year.

Road rage involves drivers exhibiting aggression toward other drivers and passengers, pedestrians or cyclists. What causes road rage?


While some people treat driving as a leisurely activity, the majority of people drive because they have to be somewhere at a certain time. A driver could be making their way to work or they may even drive for a living. Not getting to their destination on time could involve losing out on money or being disciplined by their boss. Thus, delays are not appreciated. One of the most common causes of road rage incidents is driver impatience.

Personal factors

A driver’s rage may not even stem from something that happened on the road. For example, they may have gotten into their car in a foul mood after an argument with a family member. They then go on to take out their frustrations on other road users or pedestrians. It’s very important that all drivers are in the right frame of mind before setting off.

Encountering a driver with road rage can be a daunting experience. One way you can protect yourself is to not engage with the driver. If they want to overtake you, let them pass. If they are gesturing for you to pull over, don’t respond directly. An angry driver will most likely move on if they do not get the reaction they are seeking.

If you have been injured by an aggressive driver, this could be deemed legal negligence on their behalf. You are entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. Seek further guidance to assess your options in more detail.