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Is the business at fault for a slip-and-fall incident in a store?

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2023 | Slip and Falls

Visitors can get hurt in a store with very little warning. A slip-and-fall can occur because of poor facility maintenance at just about any kind of business. A spilled container of motor oil at an auto parts store could send someone flying, as could spilled rice in a grocery store.

Wet entranceways, poorly-secured rugs and exposed extension cords are all risk factors that could lead to someone falling and getting hurt at a Tennessee business. People who fall can break bones or even suffer brain injuries. They could miss weeks of work and require expensive medical treatment.

When might a business be responsible for paying for someone’s slip-and-fall injuries?

When the incident relates to negligence

To hold a business accountable for injuries and property damage losses, the injured party must show that the business is at fault for the incident. Premises liability lawsuits are possible in situations involving negligence.

If a reasonable person would recognize that store conditions were unsafe, then the person who slipped and fell may have grounds for a premises liability lawsuit. Business negligence can take many forms. It could involve failing to keep enough workers on staff or to train them to properly maintain the space. Choices to delay necessary maintenance and repairs to business assets, including buildings and machinery, could also lead to viable negligence claims.

Most businesses have premises liability insurance coverage that can help cover the costs generated in a slip-and-fall incident. Evaluating whether a business is liable or not is an important starting point for those seeking justice after falling at a store.