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When is a property owner liable for your harm? 

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Slip and Falls

Premises liability is one of the most confusing elements of injury law. Most victims do not know who can be held liable for their harm or even if they qualify for an injury claim. 

Your first hurdle is understanding when (or if) a property owner can be held financially responsible for your injuries. In many scenarios, property owners can be held liable, but not all. Let’s look at a few examples here. 

Who pays after a parking lot assault? 

It depends on the details of the incident. The owner is likely not liable for an attack occurring in full daylight with a host of security cameras. However, if it happened at night and the property lacked sufficient lighting or security, you could successfully target the property owner in a premises liability claim. 

Who pays for premises slip-and-fall injuries? 

Again, it depends on the details. If the property owner knew about the risk of slip-and-fall accidents yet did nothing to correct the matter, they may be liable for injuries. However, if you tripped on your shoelace and broke an ankle, you would need to show that a hazardous property condition contributed to the accident. 

Who pays for injuries on government property? 

Unfortunately, injuries that occur on government property are more complex than other premises liability claims. Under the Tennessee Tort Liability Act (TTLA), government entities are immune from liability for some injuries. However, in the context of premises liability, they may be responsible for injuries suffered due to defective or dangerous property conditions. 

It is wise to consult with a legal professional, regardless of where the injury occurred (private land, business property or government property). Doing so can help you determine whether you can find a legal solution that fairly compensates you for your harm.