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3 ways to safeguard your accident and injury compensation

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | Car Accidents

When you suffer injuries in a motor vehicle accident, your claim for payment can make a difference in your treatment and recovery. Since insurers do not enjoy paying accident victims, you must do all you can to protect your compensation.

Your responsibilities do not end once you decide to file an accident claim. The steps you take—and those you do not—after an accident can affect how much compensation you obtain.

Seek a medical opinion

You may feel fine after a crash, but days or weeks later, symptoms begin to appear. For example, many with traumatic brain injuries do not experience symptoms for up to 10 days after their accident. An early medical assessment can rule out injuries or confirm them so you can start treatment immediately.

Motor vehicle accident claims benefit from an abundance of documentation. Your physician and hospital records can prove your injury, allowing you to obtain an award that covers your accident-related medical care.

Avoid social media

An innocent Facebook post could be enough to derail your entire car accident claim. Insurance companies often examine the social media accounts of those who file a claim for injuries. If they see a photo of you snow skiing or running a marathon, they may have cause to deny your claim.

Stay away from social media until your case concludes, but if you use your accounts anyway, say nothing about the car accident, your crash injuries or your insurance claim. Remember to tell your friends and family to avoid these topics in their social media excursions.

Educate yourself

Gaining basic knowledge of Tennessee injury and accident compensation rules is another way to preserve your economic security and get what you deserve when a crash leaves you injured.